by mindracernotchaser

As I grow up it becomes more and more prevalent that you can’t really trust just anyone. It’s incredibly difficult to find people in life that genuinely love and care for you. People that want only the best for you. And people who don’t try to hurt you, or would never hurt you for their own happiness. I don’t understand how people are so malicious. How they can be so cruel? I was always told to be kind to everyone, if I had nothing nice to say not to say anything at all, and over everything to respect people. I wonder if I just try too hard to find the good in people. Perhaps I forgive to easily and never learn my lesson. I find myself making assumptions that everyone fibs. I know this is wrong, but a lot of people do. I do, you do, we all do. The extent to which people lie though, and furthermore the intention behind the lies is dumb. Plain and simply dumb. What would happen if we were nice to each other? Would the world be absurdly unbalanced and everything just turns to chaos? It’s like god doesn’t want world peace and happiness. OR maybe humans are irrationally crazy. I think its the latter.