Cracked open.

by mindracernotchaser

Someone out there has managed to extract the optimism and the innocence of love out of all our hearts. It may have been a gradual, precisely nit picking every last strand of enchantment that penetrated our souls. It may have been hasty, instantly leaving you broken and yearning for affection. This someone has ruined the way you look at love. Has stripped you bare of emotions. Has made you abandon any situation that may leave you vulnerable. You may still think about the good times, the times before the destruction of your soul. The times you loved without knowing anything else. Without knowing the pain that accompanies it. Without knowing how lonesome it will leave you.

You come to realize you cannot look in the minds and hearts of others for your happiness. The moments of weakness when solitude slips into loneliness never last long; nor do they scar. They’ll pass. The butterflies never last; they’re just moths enhanced by our disillusioned sentiments. This too shall pass. You realize the rejection, and heartache was temporary and misguiding. All those feelings once felt become indifferent. YOU become indifferent.

Life will break you though. It is an inevitable fact. It will break the best of us at some point. However solitude will break you with it’s yearning too though. You must learn to love again, any way you can, you must completely love again. That is why we are here after all, no? To love. Is that not the purpose of our existence here on earth? Eventually you embrace the notion that the past will make you better, not bitter. Falling in love will not make you whole, the platonic union of souls will not mend your heart. You’re whole before you begin, the love fractures you and breaks you open. But that’s life. A life lived without love is no life at all.