by mindracernotchaser

My mum always tells me bad things happen in three’s. It seems odd, and I have not a clue where she got this from. Contrary to belief though I have experienced this to be notably true. My brother has had his fair share of bad luck over the past year, and we all keep thinking not much worse can happen now. Despite all odds it has, two more times. When we arrived in Chicago we were getting off of the train in a hurry, and he left his backpack on the train. We heard a man yelling behind us but by that point it was too late, it was gone. We were both pretty bummed out over it, as he did end up losing $3000 worth of stuff. We did everything in our power to attempt to track it down and get it back, however in a city this huge there was virtually no hope.

We talked to my mum, and the things she said made so much sense to me, it was a moment of true clarity. She said those are only things, as long as you guys are safe. Things can be replaced, you can buy more things, and things can be taken away from you. You can’t let “things” ruin your trip; or ruin your happiness. Happiness is something no one can take away from you. Its okay to be upset, however maybe this is a lesson; concentrate on “things” no one can ever take from you, “things” you can’t lose, or can’t be stolen. These “things” such as your character, your happiness, your respect, your values and your dignity. No matter what happens in life these will come to the grave with you, you can never be robbed of them.

My brother has had his 3 incidents. Not to say more won’t come; however I feel like these 3 come hand in hand. They have all been life lessons. As he believes hes been getting “too many life lessons lately.” All the things that have happened to him have made him a stronger and better person. They have taught him discipline and appreciation. It’s interesting seeing him change and grow over the last year and a half. He has definitely matured, things do happen for a reason. Unfortunate events have made him an even harder worker than he previously was. It’s easier to see how events in one’s life changes them through other people in contrast to yourself.

The incident was extremely unlucky, however maybe God was teaching us a lesson. A lesson many of us forget often. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, as my parents said good things will come your way if you believe and maybe God will make it up in a different way that is more beneficial to us as humans.