I am a lost puppy.

by mindracernotchaser

I was told I am the most confusing girl in the world, and he’s never met someone as confused. It sounded rather peculiar to me, I’ve always thought of myself as a simple person (oh, was I wrong). I guess I am just that, a confused girl. I don’t intentionally do it, nor do I actively think how I can confuse the next person in my life.

I blame my intense, dramatic, over-thinking, complex, scattered, anguished, apprehensive mind. I am TERRIFIED of becoming close to people and losing them. I can blame this on my past, however what good does that do? I have grown from the things I have experienced and become fearful not enduring. What has been apparent to the rest of the world the entire time, has just become evident to me. I’m scared.

I am sorry to the people I have hurt, from the bottom of my heart I sincerely am. I am also very thankful for the people in my life who never gave up on me, and continue to be patient.