by mindracernotchaser

I love this.


It’s so interesting thinking about who you find attractive and who you are attracted to. how you can appreciate the aesthetics of a human being and find them beautiful under certain lights and how you are intimidated at first at their stark and raw symmetry and their colors and their curves and feel intimidated by them. and then you get to know them and their soft parts and suddenly everything else falls away. you get to know what’s beneath the skin and what they are made out of and suddenly you stop seeing what they look like altogether and just think of them in colors and in words and in smaller and smaller bits. you start to love them for the way they hold themselves in their own pockets. you start to love them for the way you can tell they’ll have laugh lines when they’re older. their two crooked front teeth. the way someone looks when they forget they’re a body for a second, when they’re blissfully happy, when they love you.