by mindracernotchaser

Have you ever met someone that captivates your mind in such a way that you are unable to even look them in the eyes. You can feel their gaze so strong. It’s like they are quite literally looking inside of you. And for a second it feels familiar, as if you’ve been here before. You have an unusual conversation, however it was pleasant to say the least. Then you go on your way, off to a new place, a new adventure. But their presence will forever be etched into your soul. Make sure you keep those flowers he got you.

I hope all girls have the strength to let go of someone who doesn’t serve them anymore, that doesn’t allow them to grow, or simply is just a disrespectful pig. I’ve come to learn not all men in this world are bad. This biased view in my mind was definitely carved by one individual. When you let go of things, you liberate yourself. I promise better things will come your way, just stay happy and free. You attract what you are. And you most definitely don’t need a man to survive.

Happy thoughts. Happy life.