My Best Friend.

by mindracernotchaser

She is adorable. We met 4 years ago, although it feels like we’ve known each other since birth. She makes me feel light, as if I am dancing on air, yet keeps me grounded. If soul mates exist, she is mine. She’s so cool – I wish I could share her with everyone without being envious of the time I wouldn’t get to spend with her.

After meeting, we quickly became inseparable. Not seeing each other for two days became unbearable. We would sit in random coffee shops for five or six hours talking nonstop. We would go to the beach and eat nutella out of the jar. We would drive around the ocean until we found a new picnic spot. We would go for fancy dinners. We would eat hotdogs every single weekend. Get high and listen to amazing music. Have tea, high tea, any tea, tea lattes. Force each other to study so we could go lay on the grass in the sunshine and literally talk about nothing and everything. The world, religion, travelling, boys, cultures, childhood.

I have never met someone who is so much like me, that I could be with all the time and not get sick of. How beautiful is it to find another person who you can completely be yourself with, tears & happiness. Someone to bring you flowers, make you breakfast, or take you for brunch when you are feeling sad. Someone you don’t have to filter anything with. I am so lucky. I didn’t understand the meaning of best friends, or soul mates, until I met you. I haven’t met someone I want to indulge myself in. That I want to spend every waking minute with. I just want my best friend and I want us to sing and make dinner, laugh & enjoy. Without you I feel incomplete.